mercredi 2 avril 2014

Hatha yoga

T h e y o g a   t h a t   g u i d e s 
y o u   f r o m   w h a t   y o u   f e e l 
a n d   w h a t   y o u  c a n   d o   n o w

Y o g a ' s   a s s e t s
Hatha yoga generates harmony and well-being. It promotes relaxation, physical flexibility, consciousness and fluidity to the subtle layers of personality because each thought, each emotion has an aftereffect on the body and vice versa.
This bodily practice improves the individual's atitude in daily life.
Yoga motivates us to leave aside our mechanical behaviour and encourages us to discover our bodies' infinite possibilities.
Over time, yoga has adapted to the occidental way of life. In the busy society we are living in, these physical exercises prove to be regenerating and beneficent because the new sensations they awaken allow for a greater calmness and peace of mind amongst turmoil.
The private lessons meet your own needs and are useful to develop bodily sensations as well as to get to know yourself better. Men and women of all ages are welcome.
This yoga aims to encounter relaxation at the heart of muscular tension, respecting one's own limits.
Thanks to breathing with awareness, a balance between effort and relaxation is found. Thus physical as well as psychic tensions ware away.
This yoga can perfectly be adapted to any person suffering from specific problems like anxiety, addictions, depression, insomnia, burn-out, digestive or breathing disorders, back pains etc...

Y o g a ' s t o o l s
Asanas : postures
pranayama : breathing exercises
yoga nidra : relaxation
dhyan : meditation
are powerful tools to:
  • Stretch and tone muscles
  • Make articulations more flexible
  • Vitalize the whole body
  • Refine bodily sensations
  • Diminish stress' effects
  • Relaxe deeply
  • Increase concentration
  • Have peace of mind
  • Experiment meditation

W h y   a   p r i v a t e   l e s s o n ?
A private lesson is made up to address specific needs in a way adapted to each case, using yoga's tools. See examples below.

  • A person having a negative image of his or her physical look has a desire to practice yoga in order to come back to being confident and at ease in front of other people. The rigid and blocked parts of the body will regain mobility by practicing a certain type of asanas and thus the person will dive into his or her bodily sensations feeling it more alive and lovable. Pranayama exercises will open the chest and amplify the breathing capacity. Awareness of feeling better than in the usual round-shouldered and chest closed posture arises. Relaxation will diminish the anxiety linked to a poor self-image. The deep psychological effects of bodily consciousness allows to achieve the aim. Visualisation is also used.

    • Suffering from chronicle back aches, a person comes to my lessons in order to learn how to release tensions and become more flexible again. By stretching some muscles and toning some others, we manage to correct postural errors using appropriate asanas. Relaxing moments and conscious breathing while maintaining postures releases muscular tensions as well as the whole system. Once the spine in line the person has acquired the tools to keep her back in good conditions and remain flexible.
    • Somebody with a tendency to be depressed can be guided towards her inner joy. In this case we will concentrate on meditation, energising pranayama, asanas moving the body and visualisations showing the positive aspects present in the person's life. To feel linked to wholeness will allow this person to be connected to reality instead of being a prisoner of his or her problems.

    S u r y a B a u d e t
    has practised yoga since the age of 25 ans. She improved her art with the teachings of Sogyal Rinpoche, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Gregorio Zucchinali and Daniel Odier. Exploring the various aspects of yoga it became an instrument for transformation. Her teaching integrates occidental dynamism to the oriental philosophy.

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