samedi 5 avril 2014

Nutrition and digestive ailments

  Healthy and adequate food is at the root of well-being and good health.

In case of digestive ailments, it is most important to do a nutritional balance sheet in order to restore the digestives functions through appropriate food.

Hypocrate was saying:"Let your food be your medicine."
A change in diet can be enough, in some cases, to restore a good digestion while other cases will need  additional treatment. Reflexology that stimulates self-healing, proves to be very efficient in case of digestive ailments because thissystem's organs are well pictureo on feet and hands' reflex areas.

Nutrition is effective on:

  • acid-base balance
  • intestinal transit 
  • stomach's acidity
  • water balance
  • intestinal flora
  • mouth's health
  • quality of sleep
  • vital energy
  • inflammatory conditions
  • diabetes

Price : 120.- frs,  for 60 min. 
Supplement:  de 20.-  à 50.- frs for home travel.

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